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Foxglove Woods Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

Frisson Comics is proud to present it’s latest Kickstarter campaign. A short solo experimental horror comic from Katie Whittle; The Foxglove Woods.

Experimenting with a flat, minimalist yet expressive style over the comics 15 pages, Katie tells the story of a young woman who awakens in a mysterious woodland and who confronts the natural and supernatural horrors that lie within.

Katie’s unique style was inspired by decorative arts such as medieval tapestries giving the resulting work an atmosphere and colour palette not often found in modern horror.

The comic also wears the authors love of horror manga on it’s sleeve with sound effects taking centre stage in the horror and resulting in a story that is entirely free from dialogue making it a universally accessible read.

Thematically, the story draws upon themes Katie’s love of nature that is accompanied by a respect that at times borders on fear of it – a theme that can be spotted in much of her work on titles such as Take Only Photographs Leave Only Footprints (2016).

The full comic is available to read online for free and can be seen here.

For the Kickstarter Campaign Katie is offering physical copies for £4, with an art print for £7, with 3 art prints for £10, with all the above plus an owl zine for £13 or again with all of the above plus a copy of Mike Apnea’s graphic novella The Residents (2017) which he has kindly given permission to be offered in the reward tier.

For those of you not in the know The Residents is a 70 page experimental ghost story set in a nursing home that touches upon the authors personal experiences with family suffering the effects of Alzheimer’s that makes for a touching read that also provides real scares.

The Kickstarter is now fully funded so all backers are guaranteed their pledges it is running until the 22nd of September and can be viewed here.

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The Trade now on Kickstarter!

After launching yesterday morning we are proud to say that we have reached 50% funding in just over 24 hours! We were really pleased to see so many backers returning from our first campaign for our next book! The campaign will run up until Halloween and can be found here.

Thank you to all our backers and supporters!

Love from Katie and Tom x

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