About Us

Katie Whittle:

Katie is a dedicated Liverpool born artist and member of ROAD Studios Art Collective. She has a BA in Illustration and Animation, an MA in Aesthetics and will soon complete her second MA in Illustration. From the age of 12 Katie has fostered an interest in comics with titles such as The Crow by J O’Barr and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series being particular favourites. She has been drawing ever since and her love for all things horror has led her to her current projects for Frisson Comics.


Tom Smith:

Tom is a writer hailing from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, but is currently based in Liverpool. He has a BA in Film Studies and Creative Writing and always knew he wanted to tell stories in some form or other. He is a newcomer to the medium of comics however, having never fully read one until his mid-twenties after being introduced to them by Katie. Belatedly, he fell in love with the comics, particularly works of Alan Moore and Junji Ito. Since then he has penned a number of upcoming works to be released under the Frisson Comics label.

Purveyors of Horror comics

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