Take Nothing But Photographs, Leave Nothing But Footprints (2016):

The first project on the Frisson Comics label is one based partially upon true events. Benjamin and Katherine are a fairly ordinary couple who enjoy nature and long walks on the beach. They also have a habit of bringing home any treasures that they might find washed up along the shoreline, thinking nothing of it. And why would they?

But inevitably the pair are forced to confront the horrific consequences to their seemingly benign actions, consequences fuelled by deceit and denial that spiral out of control towards an horrific climax that has repercussions not only for the young lovers but the wider world as well.

book cover


Knock Knock (2016-present):

Knock Knock is a quarterly horror-themed zine published by Frisson Comics compiled and edited by label founders Thomas Smith and Katie Whittle. The contents are submissions from some of the best upcoming horror creators from all over the world and comprise of offerings from various disciplines such as comics, illustration, poetry, prose, photography and even fine art.

The first issue was published in the summer of 2016 and we produce zines on a quarterly basis. You can read PDF copies of our last zines here. Any submissions can be sent to

Knock Knock issue 6


The Trade (2017)

The Trade is Frisson Comic’s second graphic novel, also funded successfully on Kickstarter.

The story follows Serena, a mysterious young woman struggling with keeping her moral centre and staying alive, and her relationship with another young woman Alice.  The trade is Frisson Comic’s escapade into the classic vampire genre and bringing a modern twist.

The Residents (2016)

A novella by Mike Apnea and published by Frisson Comics. A dark tale exploring the very frightening reality of dementia and memory loss. This story is both terrifying and deeply touching.

Foxglove Woods (2017)

Another short experimental comic published by Frisson Comics by Katie Whittle. This comic was successfully funded on Kickstarter and an experiment of style and colour following a short tale through a woods. The story doesn’t have any writing and only contains sound effects letting the reader interpret the story themselves. The entire comic can be read for free here.

Purveyors of Horror comics

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