Knock Knock… Who’s Out There?

Frisson Comics are planning on putting out a horror themed zine and are looking for artists of all mediums, abilities, ages etc to contribute. It’s going to be in a5 black and white and the cost of printing will be totally covered by us.

The plan is to sell them cheaply, just making enough money from them to cover the cost of printing and distribution. All submissions will be fully credited in the zine and we will happily put any and all links to your Facebook, Instagram, WordPress etc. 

We are very keen to help showcase talent and provide people with a chance to help develop the horror fiction scene in the Liverpool and Northwest area which is why we are trying to focus on local artists.

We will be taking the finished products to several comic conventions both in and out of the U.K. In the hopes to provide some good exposure and promotion for everyone involved.
Submissions can be in the forms of comics, art, illustration, film reviews, articles, prose fiction or poetry. It can be an excerpt of a larger work you are working on or an existing work you would like to promote. If we get enough submissions we could potentially release one monthly or bi-monthly and could feature any work being currently crowd funded and provide links etc. Just bear in mind it will be black and white and a5 in size.

The only criteria we are imposing is that it be (loosely at least) horror themed and that it is original artwork, as the tables at some conventions expressly forbid us from selling fan art! Also we recommend it be between 1 and 3 pages long but we are willing to be flexible on that depending on number of submissions etc.

Submissions should be sent to

Thank you if you read this far! Hope to hear from some of you guys.

Tom and Katie x

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